Wether you are and experienced angler or it's your first time saltwater fishing, we have you covered!! We offer many different types of trips- from short 4hr trips to 6hr- 8hr- 10hr- 12hr trips & multi day offshore trips.  The longer the trip the further offshore we can go!! The hourly rate is $220/hr flat rate for the boat with a 20% customary tip for our mate Tom. Tom works hard for our customers enjoyment and will help everyone have an enjoyable trip!! There is a 6 person maximum on all trips - no matter if you are fishing or just riding- 6 person maximum. Give us a call or message through our website contact information to book your trip!!!! 


Extended Voyage Rates: 

 -Overnight (24hr)

Leave the dock no later than 2pm and back the next afternoon around 6pm. Troll for Marlin, Wahoo, Dolphin the first afternoon before dark- Swordfish at night then troll and/or deep drop the next day. 


-2 day trip (36hr)

Leave the dock at 6am and back the second day at 6pm. Fish for Marlin, Wahoo, Dolphin during the first day & Swordfish at night. Second day we will troll and possibly deep drop for Tile fish using electric reels. 


-3 Day trip (52hr)

Leave the dock at 6am and back the 3rd day at 6pm.  Troll for Marlin, Wahoo, Dolphin & Tuna on the way out and also when we get to the oil rigs- First night we will fish for Yellowfin Tuna around the rigs- Second day we will troll for Marlin, Wahoo, Dolphin, & Tuna- Second night we will fish for tuna and/or Swordfish- Third day we will troll for marlin, wahoo, dolphin & tuna and/or deep drop for tile fish. 


**The tip for the Mates is a customary 20% on all trips and is NOT included in prices above.**


mingos- white snapper- king mackerel  



pomfret- gag grouper- red snapper



red snapper- bull mingo- blackfin tuna



gag grouper- red snapper- king mackerel  



mahi mahi- wahoo- white marlin






blackfin tuna



swordfish- wahoo- mahi mahi- blackfin tuna



bull shark






red snapper- mingo-